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First Drive: This Peugeot Restomod May Be the Ultimate Old-School Hot Hatch
The hot hatch, aka high-performance hatchback, is a religion in the UK, and the Peugeot 205 GTI has sacred status. The original Volkswagen Golf GTI set the template in the 1970s, making British ...
Tolman Sunbeam Lotus review: A masterclass in anger management
In the late 1970s, Des O’Dell, the head of the Chrysler-Rootes competition department, wanted to take the company into top-level rallying. The ideal winning formula for a rally car was simple...
Retro, Rad, And Reimagined: This Is Tolman Engineering’s Peugeot 205 GTI Restomod
Remember the 1980s? The music? The fashion? The Hoff bringing down the Berlin Wall at the very end of it? The thing is, when you revisit all that “rad” stuff it’s rarely as good in reality as it is in memory ...
Building Hotter Hatches, Running Motorsport Teams, And Restoring Classics With Tolman Motorsport
It isn’t just the impressive expansion, but the sheer variety of work that Tolman is successfully involved in that’s really impressive. There is of course the auto engineering that began it all—everything from...
Top Gear
Speed Week 2021 - The Retro Stars
Has there been a hot hatch more eulogised than the 205 GTI? Doubt it. Which means this one is even more special. Tolman Engineering has reconditioned the 1.6-litre four-pot, given it a lighter flywheel...
Top Gear
Speed Week final five: what's the best performance car of 2021?
Chopping 26 contenders from this year’s Top Gear Speed Week down to five was hard enough… now we have to pick a winner. It’s time to unleash the...
Tolman to debut Lotus Elite at Silverstone Classic
Pandemic leads to shift in emphasis for former British GT race team British GT race winners Tolman will debut its freshly built FIA specification Lotus Elite at this year’s Silverstone Classic. Its entry in the RAC Historic Tourist Trophy marks the first time the Warwickshire-based specialist has competed at the event since 2014. Craig Dolby […]
Building The Ultimate Lotus Sunbeam
When it comes to modifying cars, or almost any project for that matter, the question is: where do you start? For masters of procrastination, of which I am a skilled practitioner, that question can help you...
Behind Closed Doors: Inside Tolman Engineering
What I want tacked onto the side of my multi-million-pound house is an immaculate, fully-equipped workshop. We’re talking two- and four-post lifts, a wall entirely covered in fresh toolboxes, an uncluttered bench and retractable airlines falling from the ceiling. If I have to sacrifice, say, the kitchen to make this happen, so be it. Pop …
Tolman to Debut Lotus Elite at Silverstone Classic
British GT race winners Tolman will debut its freshly built FIA specification Lotus Elite at this year’s Silverstone Classic this weekend. Its entry into the RAC Historic Tourist Trophy marks the first .…