The NEW home for Tolman Motorsport

This Lotus Elite is owned by a very discerning client who is a renowned collector of all things Lotus.  

As he had been driving another Elite for 12 months prior to this project, he came with a very clear and simple brief to restore all parts and an exact specification. 

The vehicle was extremely original and all parts were preserved. The car was to be yellow with a silver roof and trimmed in tan leather. The ride was to be soft and supple, the engine completely standard, and the ZF gearbox retained.

The car was completely stripped, the bodyshell soda-blasted and rebuilt and all the chrome refurbished, while the interior was retrimmed and every suspension component crack tested and rebuilt. 

It was fitted with a new wiring loom, Tolman fuel tank and fittings, brake lines and damper conversion, before embarking on a thorough road test. The car is an absolute delight to drive and picture-perfect to look at.