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4x SupaWax Detailer Waterless Wash 300ml

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Can you imagine a product that lets you wash your car or motorcycle and wax it all at the same time?

Well, here it is - introducing SupaWax, the ultimate waterless wash! This product is the same as our famous Aqua Free Waterless Wash, just with a different label.
It cleans, shines and protects paintwork with no hose, sponge or shampoo required. Simply spray direct onto the dirt, lightly agitate and wipe off to reveal a glossy showroom finish.
The cross linking polymer formula clings to and lifts the dirt particles, allowing you to absorb them into your microfibre cloth without leaving streaks or scratching the paintwork.
It is suitable for all paint finishes and is also ideal for glass, black rubber, plastic, chrome and even alloy wheels.
Supa Wax can be applied anytime or anywhere and saves you both time and money.

For motorcycle use:

Do not apply to matte paint finish.

Only use on paintwork and plastics.

Spray directly on to microfibre cloth and then apply to the surfaces of the bike.

4 x 300ml SupaWax
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