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Motorsport is a proven channel for national and multi-national companies and brands to connect with its target market by appealing to its consumers’ passions and building an emotional bond. It offers brands and companies a cost-effective, integrated marketing platform with a myriad of opportunities to engage and win over consumers and corporates alike, while delivering a return on investment that is higher than traditional advertising methods. In addition to sponsorships and partnerships, corporate hospitality at motorsport events and venues offers a unique and exclusive entertainment experience for customers and partners. Brands can capitalise on this compelling ‘money-can’t-buy experience’ to build client relationships, strengthen local presence and demonstrate relevance in key markets.

ATEC Autotechnik is recognised as a leading manufacturer in the fluid transfer market. ATEC pursues constant product development, working at the highest levels of motorsport and specialist markets, ensuring an innovative approach to any installation. ATEC is also a stockist of Parker Symmetric dry break couplings and suppliers of all leading motorsport brands, including Staubli, Parker, Bosch, Adel Wiggins, Stratoflex, Setrab and Mocal.
Control Limited
Control, part of the Westbase Group, specialises in developing connected telemetry solutions for the automotive and motorsport markets. The company’s industry experience ensures a customer-focused approach to development and support, while its expertise allows it to deal with all elements of a project’s lifecycle – from concept to hardware and software design to final delivery.
Creative Sign and Design
Creative Sign & Design produces signs in-house using the latest technology. Established in 1993, Creative Sign and Design has substantial experience catering for many different signage applications. It takes pride in controlling the entire job from concept through to completion, and its client base is incredibly diverse, from local shops to international blue-chip companies. The company has an excellent reputation for delivering quality products on budget and within very tight deadlines.
Andrew Garner Associates
Andrew Garner Associates provides business executive search and personal coaching services. Andrew Garner has taught career management at business schools around the world, from Harvard to Singapore, published the internationally regarded book ‘Smart Moves’, and has undertaken many long-term mentoring assignments, especially with fast rising talent in leading FTSE companies.
UK based software developer, Trenchant Technologies Ltd (TTL), continues to work with its customers to develop the capabilities of LifeCheck and ensure it remains the industry standard in component lifing software, providing a flexible, scalable and affordable solution. Having been developed by people with an engineering background, LifeCheck demonstrates an innate understanding of the challenges faced daily by personnel tasked with managing component lifing within a motorsport engineering context.
Net Primates
Net Primates
Net Primates was founded in 2005 as a dynamic and innovative IT consultancy and has built and implemented systems that have helped businesses grow. Customers trust Net Primates to take control of their IT and telecoms infrastructure so they can get on with running their business. The company works as a trusted business partner rather than just a solutions provider.
Shaw Sheet Metal
The complete CNC sheet metalworking package: Shaw Sheet Metal has vast experience, modern equipment and a skilled, craftsmen workforce. That combination enables the production and delivery of quality products on time and to budget. Shaw Sheet Metal usually begins at the product design stage, where it works in partnership with its customers to establish the best design and materials to meet usage and budget requirements. Shaw Sheet Metal has cutting, bending, fabrication, painting and finishing equipment in-house. By being in control of the whole job it can be certain of keeping to agreed delivery times including ‘just in time’ manufacturing schedules.
Supagard’s paint, interior, glass and wheel protection technology has evolved considerably since the company’s inception, and the latest product range has been developed to be effective in the most challenging of climates. The full range of Supagard protection products will be applied to each of Tolman’s concours-level road and race car restorations, further enhancing its presentation and enabling its customers to maintain a pristine finish.
Zircotec are specialists in heat management. They are also experts in plasma-spray processing and the production of high performance surface coatings and finishes. Zircotec technical specialists are able to provide advice on most thermal barrier, heat management and surface engineering issues.