The NEW home for Tolman Motorsport

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You bring it to Tolman to be made beautiful once more. Well, that’s what one client did. Having owned the car for a very long time and certainly not driven it in the past 12 years he felt it needed some TLC.

Our brief was to make it look fresh once more, tidy up the engine bay, install new brake and fuel lines and replace a few trim parts. The car had been stored in a well-ventilated barn but did have some scrapes and scratches from its time standing. 

After careful consideration it was decided that the whole car would benefit from painting. The precious exterior plastics were carefully removed and stored, the glass removed, and the bumpers and lights put away for safe keeping. The engine was removed, and various parts cleaned, plated and powder coated to bring it back to original condition. 

Once the car returned from the Bodyshop we were able to install the new brake and fuel lines, refit the engine and commence the delicate task of refitting the exterior plastics. A fresh MOT and some detailing from our friends at Reset Detail and she now looks a million dollars.

Take a look at another Peugeot 205GTi reworked by Tolman Engineering that recently finished second in the Top Gear 2021 Performance car of the Year test.

November 9, 2021